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    Thank you for your interest in joining Texas BTA! Please fill out our membership application below. New Members joining in Oct, Nov, or Dec get a membership through the following year at no additional cost. Note: This form is for NEW MEMBERS only. If you did not renew your existing membership before January 31st, you will need to re-join as a NEW MEMBER.

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    By submitting this application online with a credit card, you are authorizing TBTA to make all appropriate charges.

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    If for some reason your application is not approved, you will receive a full refund. Once your application has been approved, no refunds are available.


    Additional Comments

    Membership Application post 1/15/04

    INTRODUCTION:    Thank you for applying for membership in the Texas Business Travel Association.                                                       Please submit the following online application.

    The Texas Business Travel Association and its members shall maintain the highest level of ethical, legal and professional standards in the conduct of its business. 

    The goal and objective of TBTA is to advance the knowledge and professionalism of all members and to provide opportunities for communication of travel related information. Direct solicitation of members at any Association funtion is prohibited. 

    The policy of the Texas Business Travel Association requires that members who conduct themsleves in an unprofessional manner, detrimental to the goals and objectives of this Association, be called upon to answer for such conduct to the Texas Business Travel Association Executive Committee. 

    As a travel industry porfessional and member of the Texas Business Travel Association, I have read the above Code of Ethics and agree to abide by its intent.