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    Professional Development: WorkingSm@rt

    October 26, 2017
    8:30 AM - 4:00 PM
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    United Airlines
    609 Main Street
    Hosuton, TX 77002


     Educational Workshop: WorkingSm@rt®

    by Deb Cullerton

    TBTA Sponsored Professional Development Event

    October 26, 2017

    Cost: $100 (Only 10 spaces available)

     Location: United Airlines Offices

    609 Main Street, Houston, TX 77002

    2nd floor Conference Center

    Event Notes:  Lunch on own – Food options available within the area & building; Parking is additional cost, additional information will be emailed to registered attendees. Proceed directly to the 2nd floor to check-in for the event. Cancellation Policy: 100% Non- refundable (may be transfered).


    The Need is Urgent!
    “Workload management” refers to the way we respond to the massive amounts of information, requests, communications and priorities we face each day. In today’s high-speed, high-tech environment, most people find their work driven by the LIFO principle; Last In, First Out. This throws the entire organization into “reactive” mode.
    Productivity suffers and resources are wasted.


    WorkingSm@rt® is a time and workload management method designed to help busy people take control of their day and enhance their productivity and performance. It is taught through workshops and individual coaching, and provides hands-on  instruction that helps learners incorporate these proven techniques into their day and create a complete workload management system.


    To achieve our results, WorkingSm@rt® is typically delivered as a comprehensive learning initiative which consists of:
    • Delivery of the initial workshop, WorkingSm@rt®.
    • Learning/reference guides and training materials.
    • Program evaluations and evaluation reports.
    • One-on-one personal coaching session for each participant.
    • A post-workshop reinforcement strategy, Learner for Life, which gives participants access to ongoing support through monthly tips and regular webinars to stay more productive than ever.


    By the end of the WorkingSm@rt® initiative, participants will demonstrate their ability to:
    • Control their email inbox and other sources of digital clutter.
    • Think and work more proactively.
    • Manage a large volume of action items from a variety of sources.
    • Plan and prioritize daily tasks in an environment of shifting priorities.
    • Recover more quickly from interruptions.
    • Eliminate digital clutter.
    • Work more productively and effectively within a team.
    • Link actions to long and short-term strategies.
    • Distinguish the important from the urgent and incorporate highvalue strategic tasks into their daily plan.


    Please see attached WorkingSm@rt Overview for additonal details and infomration about this amazing educational event.


    $100.00 WorkingSm@rt Workshop - Member Ticket